Welcome to our submission page! We sometimes have a few submission calls, so please read through the guidelines for each of our forms. If you are unsure as to where to send your work, check out the bullets below as they can help sort out our imprints! 

Weasel Press

Poetry Chapbooks and Collections which include: Furry, Dark/speculative/horror, erotic, personal experiences, queer & trans discourse, general, slam, formal, beat-esque, BIPOC discourse, Disability discourse, Sex Worker discourse

Plays & Scripts

Fiction (Novels, Novellas, Long fiction, fiction chapbooks) which include: Furry, Punk, transgressive, experimental

Nonfiction which include: Queer & Trans discourse, memoir, BIPOC discourse, Disability discourse, Sex Worker discourse. 

Red Ferret Press - EROTIC WORKS ONLY (with some exceptions)

Fiction (Novels, Novellas, Long fiction, fiction chapbooks) which include: Furry erotica/sex fiction, LGBTQIA+, Kink, Pup Play, BDSM, nonfurry erotica/sex fiction, Fantasy Erotica.

Preference: We have a preference for shorter works, but will review long works. Red Ferret Press will not accept Erotic Horror (see Sinister Stoat), Poetry (See Weasel Press), Nonfiction (See Weasel Press, Plays and scripts (See Weasel Press). 

Sinister Stoat Press

Fiction (Novels, Novellas, Long fiction, fiction chapbooks) which include: Erotic Horror, Splatter punk, Furry horror, Ghosts, Extreme, Hook up horror, Dark Fantasy, Dark Sci Fi (We are willing to look at general sci-fi but lean close to the darker works), Slashers, Witches, Undead 

Preference: Be intense. Don't hold back. If you're story is bloody and sexy, amp it up a lot. 

If there is a form you do not see, that imprint is most likely not open. 

Red Ferret Press is the erotic imprint of Weasel Press. Currently, we’re interested in blurring the lines between “porn” and “erotica.” While everyone has their own definitions of the two, we don’t necessarily care. Red Ferret Press is a publisher that wants to place sex before the rest of the work. Interested in submitting your book? RFP is preparing to open for the 2023 publishing year, and while we receive a wide range of work, we are looking to publish something different this time around.

Red Ferret Press is only open to:

  • Authors of Color
  • Queer & Trans Authors
  • Authors with Disabilities
  • Current or Former Sex Workers

At the moment we are looking to publish small works of fiction. Think along the lines of 10, 000 – 18, 000 words. This could be a small chapbook of short fiction, or it could be one long short story!

Payment: Royalties

Your fiction can be furry, it can be fantasy, it can be slice of life. We would love to see works exploring kinks, hook up culture, masturbation, etc.

At this time, we are not looking for erotic horror (our horror sibling will open for these another time). We are also not seeking poetry. While we love our erotic poetry, we really want to focus on a small pornographic work.

Ends on

 #ohmurr! is a blend of furry erotic photography and sex-focused writing. Think of us like a furry hustler magazine. Trashy. Erotic.  Accepting short fiction and creative nonfiction, Red Ferret Press seeks to create a playboy-style publication. Currently without a theme, this fresh issue is the first venture in what we hope to be several more. Before submitting, look over our guidelines listed below. 

Though the journal is open to all artists/authors, BIPOC creators and models, Disabled creators and models, Creators and models with diverse body types, and people who identify as LGBTQ are strongly encouraged to submit. 


  • 2500 words max. This is strict and we will not accept anything over the 2500 word count.
  • Word DOC or DOCX only. 
  • You can submit up to 3 stories max.
  • Must be 18 or older to submit.
  • There is no theme for this journal, however your story must feature anthropomorphic animals in an erotic setting. #ohmurr! is not a sexually conservative journal and will accept most kink-related fiction. Though there is no particular theme, we are currently not seeking pieces of erotic horror or erotic science fiction and fantasy. 


  • 2500 words max. This is strict and we will not accept anything over the 2500 word count.
  • Word DOC or DOCX only. 
  • You can submit up to 3 pieces max.
  • For Nonfiction we are looking at personal stories/experiences and sex-positive articles.
  • #ohmurr! is not a sexually conservative journal and will accept most kink-related topics. If you are unsure or feel your kink is too taboo, please just email us at thedude@weaselpress.com We'll let you know if it's something we'll accept or not. 

Poetry is not being accepted for this submission call.

There are, however, things we just won't tolerate. Red Ferret Press will not accept/tolerate any art and/or written piece featuring children in sexual settings, pedophilia, copywritten characters, rape, gore, torture, forced consent, dubious consent, zoophilia, necrophilia, ableism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, depictions of abusive relationships in a positive light.

Payment for written work is $0.005 per word.

 All submissions must be received through Submittable. Submissions emailed to us without prior approval will be ignored. 

#ohmurr! is also seeking fursuit and pup gear models and photography. Guidelines are listed below:

#ohmurr! is seeking fursuit and pup models in the Houston/Austin/San Antonio/Dallas TX areas as well as Lansing/Grand Rapids areas for erotic photography shoots. Models would receive payment of $25 for their time. If you would like to take part, shoot an email to thedude@weaselpress.com 

If you are not in those areas, you are welcome to submit your own photography via submittable, granted you own the rights and/or have explicit written consent from the original photographer. 


  • 300dpi minimum.
  • JPG or PNG
  • Photographs can feature sexual acts, erotic nudity or modeling underwear. 
  • Seeking images of Fursuits/murrsuits (full and partial).
  • Seeking images of pup gear and pup play.
  • Payment for photography is $25 per image accepted.

Weasel Press