NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that you read a Weasel Press or Red Ferret Press release before submitting to get a better feel of what we look for in our authors and artists.

We look at submissions that are able to show explicit portrayals of the human condition, and we love to be immersed in your work. We are accepting a wide variety of work for review: Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Short Story collections, Essay collections, and Scriptwriting/Playwrights. Graphic novels and Art books are a possibility, but will need further discussion. We encourage authors to send us Experimental Poetry and Fiction, Poetry, Literary Fiction, Slice of Life, Furry, LGBT, Beat Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror and anything else you believe is going to sucker-punch us in the gut.


If you plan on submitting material in the realm of Science Fiction and Horror there are things we love and don't love. We have an addiction to the weird tales. It’s no secret that the darker worlds of literature are strange and daunting, but there is a popular fad going around regarding paranormal romance which we would prefer to avoid. What we like to see are works that really dig into you as a reader. From Horror we accept: Paranormal Literature (not to be confused with paranormal romance), Grindhouse, Psychological Thrillers, Some cheesy B-material work, etc. We also accept a huge variety of Science Fiction; from Space Opera to Dystopian future. We Also accept dark and Horror Poetry collections and chapbooks. To get a better sense of what we like and what we accept, take a look at our annual anthology: The Haunted Traveler.


EROTICA! Weasel Press has an imprint for Erotic material. Anyone looking to submit anything in this genre should submit to Red Ferret Press.


Although we accept a number of things, there are some things we will not accept. These include, but are not limited to: Christian Fiction and related sub-genres, Paranormal Romance, Teen Fiction/Young Adult Fiction, Inspirational/Motivational, Self-Help, Travel, How-To guides, Textbooks.


We do publish chapbooks. Short Fiction chapbooks must be at least 15, 000 words to be considered for publication. There is a 25, 000 word max limit on fiction chapbook submissions. Poetry chapbooks must contain at least 15 poems to be considered for publication. Poetry has a 30 Poem maximum to be considered a chapbook.


If you are looking to publish smaller works Weasel Press publishes two bi-annual anthologies. Authors looking to publish shorter material can submit to those anthologies during their open submission period. You can find out more about our literary magazines at our Current Projects Page.


2. How to Submit!

Prospective authors must submit through our Submittable page. We will not accept any submissions through email. If you send your project through email it will be ignored.


It is not the policy of Weasel Press to provide samples of our books to prospective authors. If an author wants to see our product, they can purchase a book at our Storenvy or on Amazon and related online retailers.


Hostile responses to rejections will result in us rejecting you for any and all Weasel Press and Red Ferret Press projects. Hostile withdrawals of submissions will result in us rejecting you for any and all Weasel press and Red Ferret Press projects.


Weasel Press and Red Ferret Press really try to work with all of our authors to produce the best quality book. Although authors have some say in the production of their book, Weasel Press and Red Ferret Press may deny some requests pending on several aspects. Costs being the highest.


When submitting your work, please provide a one paragraph (at least) synopsis of your project, an author bio, and a sample of your manuscript. If it’s a poetry collection or chapbook, send 3-5 poems. Novels, Novellas, etc. send 3-5 chapters. Short fiction collections 3-5 stories.


3. Acceptance


If accepted Weasel Press and any sub-imprints will edit your manuscript. Generally this is a couple run-throughs for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. If there are sentence structure problems or anything of that nature the author will be notified and asked how to proceed. Manuscripts should be finished. We do not have the man power to continuously design unfinished books. Minor editing is alright, but sending us a half-written book is not. Difficulty over this issue will result in a withdrawal of the contract.


Our cover designs are mostly from photo stocks purchased through Authors can provide their own cover if they wish, however Weasel Press will discuss with the author options if the submitted cover is not of high quality. Difficulty over this issue will result in a withdrawal of the contract.


Weasel Press and Red Ferret Press do not charge for our services. We do not offer cash advances.


Our books are perfect bound, Trade Paperback.


4. Contracts

Contracts are generally discussed between publisher and author. Royalties are paid out every six months. Contracts come with 5 free copies of the final book. Author can purchase additional copies at a 60% discount of the list price.


Authors must be 18 years old or older to submit.


Ends on September 1, 2017

DEADLINE: September 1, 2017
Pay Scale: 1/2 cent per word
Word Count: 10, 000 words max.

Guidelines: For our first anthology we're looking to feature some furry fiction with BDSM. Stories include other kinks such as, but not limited to: feminization, orgasm control/denial, humiliation, objectification, pony/puppy play, hypnosis, strict/heavy bondage, foot play, latex, some pain (nothing extreme, candle wax and whipping are cool. Ripping your partners eyes out with your fingers, not cool ), and much more. This anthology is also looking for more than the typical M/F bondage story. Give us some variety. That's what we like, a healthy diverse sex fest! Email us if you're unsure about your idea. 

Although we're pretty accepting of what we'll take there are things we just don't do, such as: Non-Consent (Rape, Forced, Strong Coercion), Characters under the age of 18, copyrighted characters (don't send us Mickey Mouse, that ain't cool, yo), bestiality, and heavy bathroom play (you may be able to get away with watersports, but the rest is out), Snuff. There may be other things, if you're unsure just shoot us an email with your idea and we'll let you know if it'll fly or not (please note that this doesn't mean an actual acceptance, it simply means it can be reviewed by the selection committee).

Characters must be anthropomorphic or furry. Humans are allowed, but there does need to be an anthro character. This is a furry anthology, keep that in mind when submitting. 

Reprints are accepted, however, original stories are preferred. Reprints will still be reviewed. 

Rights: Non-exclusive printing and publishing rights in perpetuity. 

Payment: 1/2 cent per word

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. It is YOUR responsibility to inform us if your story has been accepted elsewhere.

Multiple Submissions: You may submit up to 3 stories MAX. A single submittable form is fine. The form will take up to 3 files. DO NOT send multiple submission forms.

Submissions must be sent through Submittable. Do NOT email your submissions. Any submissions emailed will go unread and unanswered. If you are having technical difficulties, email us ( and we can work it out.

Typewriter Emergencies is seeking works featuring furry characters. We're looking for stories, book reviews, articles, and any other form of furry material. The journal accepts work that is considered rated R or Less. You can throw in the word "fuck" around a few times, but no excessive sex, blood, and guts pretty much. Typewriter Emergencies publishes under the philosophy of degenerate literature. We're not here to be proper, we're here to make art and celebrate great writing. We don't have a specific theme for our issues, therefore it's free reign. Themes may be implemented in the future. 

We plan on publishing at least twice a year. If we feel we can take on a heavier load, we'll open up for more issues. Our Schedule is as follows:

Issue 1 release - May 2017 - Submissions must be received by February 10, 2017.

Issue 2 release - December 2017 - Submissions must be received by September 8, 2017.

Payment is $0.01 per word.

All rights revert back to the author. We simply ask for the right to publish the story for the period this journal is active. 

Simultaneous submissions are fine. It is your responsibility to notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

Story Guidelines:

  • Max word count is 2500 words. Anything over this will not be accepted. 

  • Reprints will be reviewed, but we will prefer previously unpublished work. 

  • Each issue is expected to have a small amount of material, 3-5 stories at most. 

Articles & Reviews

  • Max word count 1000 words. Anything considered a book review or article that is over 1000 words will not be considered. 

  • Articles/Book reviews must be predominantly furry in nature.

  • Reviews must not contain spoilers.

  • We will not accept reviews that are overly negative.

  • As for articles, familiarize yourself with [adjective][species] or Dogpatch Press, and related furry websites.

  • We will not reprint articles or reviews.

We accept submissions through Submittable only. Emailed submissions will not be read. Our submittable link can be seen below. 

Payments are made through Paypal. If another format is needed, it can be discussed. 

The purpose of the project is to awaken, enlighten and maybe even provide a bit of shelter to those who need it. Poetry has some immense power in the world, either through healing its readers or inspiring them to become involved. We’re looking for Poetry, Photography, Artwork, Prose Poetry, etc with passion. We need to be able to feel and experience your work. There is a wealth of social justice and other topics that we are looking at to put this anthology together. Things such as: Bullying, sexuality, Homelessness, Free Speech, Animal Rights, Rape Culture, and much more. Artwork and written work does not have to be strictly political but must address something that would be a voice for peace. Our guidelines can be viewed below:

No reading fee. 

Required Information


-Title(s) of work(s) being submitted

-Topic you are addressing (we encourage any kind of external links that pertain to your topic as well)

-Address information

-Working email

-A Short Biography (about a paragraph), this can include past publications, website info, contact info, etc.

Poetry Guidelines

-No minimum, poems cannot be longer than 3 pages

-All styles and forms accepted

-Previously published material accepted granted the poet has the rights to their work

-Original material only.

-Simultaneous submissions accepted. We MUST be notified as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere.

-All work must be submitted in a single word document, single spaced (unless the poem is formatted a specific way), 12pt Font, Times New Roman (or something close to that. Please no Courier New fonts).

Artwork Guidelines

  -We accept Photography, Artwork (Digital Artwork, Traditional, etc), Collages, Visual Poetry and much more.

-As part of the Magazine’s ethos we blend art and writing. Please be aware that your art may be accompanied with another form of art (poetry, short story, etc).

-our next anthology will be a color print. Images sent in can be in black and white or in color!

-Please ensure images in high resolution and at least 1MB in size.

We publish Quarterly. Each zine will have a theme. Below are our deadlines for the next year and information on what the theme is per issue.

Aug 20 - Bullying

Nov 20 - Homelessness

February 20, 2018 - Mental Illness

May 20, 2018 - Healthcare for All

August 20, 2018 - Gender Identity

November 20, 2018 - Civil Rights

We will NOT tolerate:




If you want to submit something dark, or edgy, that's fine, however we cannot accept anything that perpetuates hateful ideals. 

Degenerates: Voices for Peace is an online only anthology. We are unfortunately unable to pay contributors, but are working towards it at some point in the future. For now, all we can offer is notoriety.

Ends on September 30, 2017
To have your novel, poetry collection, novella, novellette, play collection or any other large project reviewed by Weasel Press, submit here with your information:

We strongly recommend reading a Weasel Press book to get a better feel of what we want and look for in our authors. 


   -Biography (this can include previous publications, achievements, anything just simply a profile of the writer). We want to get to know you as a writer and as a person, where you’re from, a bit of background, etc.

   -A Description of the work you are submitting. The description should have a clear definition on the focus of your manuscript. It should also include the length of the full manuscript (page length, word count, number of poems, etc), possible audience for the submission, and your future plans and hopes for the work you are submitting.

   -A sample of the idea you are submitting. At least 3 poems if submitting a poetry collection or chapbook; at least 3 chapters of your novel; minimum of 3 short stories or essays for collections; minimum of 1 play if submitting a short play collection. 

The Haunted Traveler is an online journal of horror writing. We take a variety of mediums such as interviews, articles, reviews, short stories, artwork, photography, playwrights and screenplays, and poetry.  

Simple Rules

•    The Haunted Traveler is accepting Short Fiction and Flash Fiction, as well as Photography and Artwork. 

•    Most sub-genres within the Science Fiction and Horror world are accepted; however we are not looking to feature any sort of Paranormal or supernatural romance. We like our monsters to be just that, monsters. 

•    Contributors are limited to a total of 5 Submissions. Anything over 5 Submissions will not be reviewed. 

•    The Haunted Traveler is an online only zine. As much as we would love to pay our contributors, we simply can't. Notoriety is all we can offer at the moment. 

•    If you're work is accepted by The Haunted Traveler you are granting us nonexclusive publication rights in print and electronicaclly in perpetuity. All rights do revert back to the artist and the artist is free to do what they wish with their work. Authors can learn more about rights here. Please note that most publications will not accept a previously published work, which can limit the number of markets and the payrate it may receive. We ask that you keep this in mind when submitting to The Haunted Traveler. 


•    We accept these files only: DOC, DOCX, ZIP, PNG, JPG, JPEG If your submissions are not in the format listed here than your work will not be reviewed. You will be notified via email if that happens. 

•    All submissions must be sent through our Submittable page.

When Submitting, this information is required. 

•    Name

•    Title(s) of work submitted

•    Type of work being submitted

•    Address information for shipping purposes.

•    Working email

•    A short biography (about a paragraph long), this can include other publications, website and other contact information for our readers who like to keep up with their favorite artists and writers.

For Short Fiction

•    5, 000 Words Max. No Minimum. Flash Fiction Welcome

•    We are looking for well written, intense pieces. Essentially, we enjoy rather short scenes that can attack us as we’re reading. Something to really keep us up. The ability to immerse your audience into your work is a key element we look at for all submissions that come by. 

•    All works must be original. Characters must be owned by the author submitting or their submissions will not be reviewed. Previously published material is accepted granted you own the publication rights to your work. 

•    Simultaneous Submissions are accepted, however if your work is selected elsewhere you must inform the editors so they can remove it from the review process. 

•    Excerpts from a longer work (novel, novella, etc.) are accepted, however the excerpt must work as a Stand Alone story. 

•    All written work must be submitted in single spaced format, Times new roman, 12-14 pt. font. 

For Articles/Reviews

•    1, 500 Words Max. No Minimum.

•    Reviews must not spoil the film or book being reviewed. 

•    Articles must pertain to the horror genre. We're interested in articles regarding the horror literary world, craft, etc. 

•    Simultaneous Submissions are accepted, however if your work is selected elsewhere you must inform the editors so they can remove it from the review process. 

•    All written work must be submitted in single spaced format, Times new roman, 12-14 pt. font. 

For Playwrights and Movie Script Excerpts

· We are looking for short, impactful scenes. Writers can submit an excerpt from their play or movie script, granted the scene can work well on its own.

· Scenes cannot be longer than 5 pages.

· All written work must be submitted in double-spaced format, Times New Roman, 12-14pt. Font.

For Photography, Comics and Artwork

•    We are accepting Photography, Digital Artwork, Traditional Artwork.

•    Traditional Artwork must be scanned. We will not accept a Cell-phone image of your work or anything of that nature. If there are questions regarding this please feel free to email us. 

•    Much like with our Short Fiction section, we’re looking for work that can immerse us, eat at us, attack us! Images can look at more psychological and sociological condition of the world. We love gritty work. 

•    All Images must be submitted in Black and White.

•    Comics must not be over 4 pages, and must be able to act as a stand-alone story. 

•    The Magazine will be roughly 5.06inx7.81in, please keep this in mind when submitting your work. We typically like to have all images be at least 300 dpi.

We currently publish twice a  year. Submissions are accepted through Submittable.