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To have your novel, poetry collection, novella, novellette, play collection or any other large project reviewed by Weasel Press, submit here with your information:

We strongly recommend reading a Sinister Stoat book to get a better feel of what we want and look for in our authors.

In your submission, include a cover letter that addresses the following:


  •  The goal of your book
  • Your target audience for your book
  • A brief synopsis
  • Possible promotional ideas and ways to develop your brand as an author


Do not submit your whole manuscript. Only include a small selection of poems, the first few chapters of your novel or novella, or a few short stories from your short story collection.

Sinister  Stoat Press is focused on publishing works of horror, whether through  poetry or fiction. The key for us is suspension of disbelief. We want to  be able to read your work, put it down and go “Did that just happen?”  Want to be immersed, taken out of our lives and thrown into a horrific  whirl of terror. Though we look at most horror, we tend to specialize in  experimental styles (found documents, stylized fiction and poetry,  photography and word blends, etc.), stories and poetry featuring strong  LGBTQ characters, strong characters of color, Furry related material,  drug induced writings, and No Sleep Reddit style fiction.

We  will not review any non-fiction works, memoirs, overly religious  material, torture porn, endorsements of Nazi beliefs, or anything  featuring positive portrayals of racism, homophobia, transphobia, rape,  sexual assault, and victim blaming.

We currently publish:

  • Poetry MicroChapbooks: Up to 24 pages of poetry.
  • Poetry Chapbooks: 25-60 pages of poetry. 
  • Full Poetry Collections: Contains 70+ pages of poetry. 
  • Fiction chapbooks and Novellettes: up to 30K words, no less than 15K words.
  • Novella: 31K to 80K words.
  • Novel: Minimum 81K words. NOTE: Weasel Press generally does not accept works that are over 140K words. 
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.