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 Thurston Howl Publications is now accepting submissions for its sixth volume of its HOWLERS series, Attack of the Killer______.

Deadline: October 15, 2020

Word count: 2,500-8,000; a little above and a little below will be acceptable

If Stephen King has taught us anything over the past several decades, it’s that we shouldn’t trust anything in the world around us. Clowns, car, chattery teeth, disembodied fingers, St. Bernards, little girls, old people in their RVs, antique cameras, antique stores, and Kindles all have the potential for evil. This anthology challenges you to fill in the titular blank yourself! We welcome all flavor of horror stories: sci fi, erotic, campy, serious, body horror, Lovecraftian, Poe, King, etc. 

BUT the title of your story has to be what goes in the blank. For example, you could name your story “Sex Machine,” implying your story could be read as “Attack of the Killer Sex Machine.” 

We will take preference with stories that are unique. Don’t just write another killer doll story or another killer dog story, UNLESS your story genuinely has a unique take on that trope.

We will NOT accept:

Racism, sexism, or discrimination presented in a positive light.

Pedophilia or sex with characters under the age of 18 presented in a positive light.

Rape, torture, dubious consent, forced seduction presented in a positive light.

Snuff or Necrophilia presented in a positive light

Bestiality presented in a positive light

If you are in doubt, ASK. Better to ask then to get a straight up rejection! If you are unsure, just shoot me an email at jonathan.thurstonhowlpub@gmail.com.(restrictions borrowed from Voice: https://t.co/MWykJ6RY36)

You can submit up to three stories, but we will only accept one per author (if any).

Reprints are fine, but you have to own full permission of the work in order for us to consider it.

We will not accept simultaneous submissions.

Payment: Authors will receive 10 USD.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.