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 In an attempt to bring more representation to furry fandom publishing, Difursity was put out. And I'm thrilled to be doing another volume of the book with TH Bound Tales. Difursity Volume 2 is an anthology that seeks BIPOC furries who want to share their writing. If you're a BIPOC furry, we want your fiction, regardless of genre. You can send up to 3 stories; previously published is totally acceptable granted you have the rights to that story. Fiction featured on blogs and websites such as SoFurry, FurAffinity, do not count as previously published. Authors who are accepted into this project will be paid for the work. 

Payment: 1c/word (Kickstarter pending)

Word Count: 2500-8000 words. As an editor I'm fairly strict on word count. If you go over maybe 200 words, I'm fine, but nothing more than that.

Please send DOC or DOCX files

Send us something that you actually had fun writing, not something you think we'll like. Send us something that's important to you. 

There are, however, things we just won't tolerate. We will not accept/tolerate any art and/or written piece featuring children in sexual settings, pedophilia, copywritten characters, rape, gore, torture, forced consent, dubious consent, zoophilia, necrophilia, ableism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, depictions of abusive relationships in a positive light.

Additionally, Difursity runs off of community contributions and the small amount of sales it receives. If you're unable to submit to the journal but would still like to support Difursity, check out our Kickstarter campaign. All of the proceeds go to paying authors and artists to make the anthology happen. 

And lastly, why does representation matter? 

In January, Lee and Low published results of their Diversity Baseline Survey. The survey showed that the publishing industry overall were Cisgendered, Straight, and White. You can find the percentages at the link below.


Representation is a problem in the industry, and one that urgently needs to be addressed. BIPOC are constantly left out of projects and are constantly given images of white people in the media. For example, look at American Dirt. Cummins released this book filled with appropriation that furthers colorblind racism. Myriam Gurba wrote in response to the book, "To fit the messyanic bill, Cummins re-branded herself as a person of color. A glance at recent interviews shows Cummins now identifying as ‘Latinx,’ her claim to this identity hinging on the existence of a Puerto Rican grandmother. Cummins, however, is still breaking in her Latinx-ness because four years ago, she wasn’t. I repeat: Four years ago, Cummins was white."


Cummins wrote a novel that positioned America as a safe haven and Mexico as a terrifying hell. She used typical stereotypes found in any form of media used to terrify and skew America's view on the border. The author portrayed herself as well-meaning, but as Gurba writes in her review, well-meaning doesn't mean shit. When you try to be the messiah, "You never know who will follow you into the promised land."

The publishing industry could have paid any Latinx author and would have gotten a better product. But they didn't. They instead went with an appropriating white lady who thought she knew better and didn't. Cumins said she would "give a face to the faceless." How many people are detained by ICE? Several hundred thousand? How many children ripped from their parents? How many forced hysterectomies performed? They are not faceless. They have a face. White people just don't want to see it. 

When you allow someone to be a white savior, they will fuck it up. They will see every BIPOC as a stereotype, without a voice, without a face, without life. 

The industry has a problem. They refuse to listen to BIPOC voices. Our voices should matter and they haven't for fuck knows how long. We deserve to have ourselves seen because if we don't; we will always be faceless to white people.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.