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Vagabonds is a literary journal that is published twice a year. We had the pleasure of releasing the first edition on August 6th, 2012, and it is still available for anyone who is interested in a copy. You can our past issues for free at our archives page.

We harbor the mad ones. People who are dedicated to their work to the point that they become misunderstood, or seen as a hot mess of crazy. Our journal does not seek to break boundaries, we want to break boundaries and go farther. We want the shameless—the deep dark, cigarettes and dirty words combo. Although there is not a set theme of what we’re looking for, we often look at slice of life works. Works featuring the life of the nameless, whether it’s the brighter side or if it’s the pure filth. When we review submissions, we want to be immersed. As Vagabonds, we are nameless, and it is our pleasure to feature the stories of such people.

We accept a wide variety of work such as Photography, Digital And Traditional Artwork, Poetry, Short Stories, Non-Fiction, Playwrights, Comic Pages, and much more! Please note that failure to comply with the guidelines here on this page will result in your submissions being returned at our convenience unread.

As of 2019 Vagabonds will no longer be printing future issues. All issues moving forward will be online only editions. 

We are focusing this issue on Authors/Artists of Color, Authors/Artists who identify as LGBTQ+, Authors with Disabilities, and former and current Sex Workers.



  • Contributors are limited to a total of 5 Submissions. 

  • ​We accept most styles, genres and formats, however, we are more partial to Vagabond related works and slice of life related works. Immersion is a key element that we look at for all submissions that we review.

  • ​There is no monetary compensation for being accepted. We can only offer notoriety at this time. If you're work is accepted by Vagabonds you are granting us nonexclusive rights in perpetuity. All rights do revert back to the artist and the artist is free to do what they wish with their work. All we ask is that you credit us as publisher of the work if selected. Authors can learn more about rights here

  • ​Previously published material is fine as long as you have the rights to it. 

  • ​Simultaneous Submissions are accepted, however, if your work is selected elsewhere you must inform the editors so they can remove it from the review process.

  • ​We accept these files only: DOC, DOCX, ZIP, RAR, PNG, JPG, JPEG

  • If your submissions are not in the format listed here than your work will not be reviewed. You will be notified via email if that happens.

  • ​All submissions must be sent through Submittable. Submissions not sent through submittable or discussed personally with the managing editor, will not be reviewed. 


For Poetry


  • ​No Minimum. Poems cannot be longer than 2 pages.

  • ​All styles and forms accepted.

  • ​Simultaneous Submissions are accepted, however if your work is selected elsewhere you must inform the editors so they can remove it from the review process.

  • ​All written work must be submitted in single spaced format, Times new roman, 12-14 pt. font.


For Short Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Prose


  • 2, 000 Words Max. No Minimum. Flash Fiction Welcome

  • ​All works must be original. Characters must be owned by the author submitting or their submissions will not be reviewed.

  • ​Please review and edit all works before submitting. Typos do have an effect on the editorial boards decisions.

  • ​Excerpts from a longer work (novel, novella, etc.) are accepted, however the excerpt must work as a Stand Alone story.

  • ​All written work must be submitted in single spaced format, Times new roman, 12-14 pt. font.


For Playwrights and Movie Script Excerpts


  • We are looking for short, impactful scenes. Writers can submit an excerpt from their play or movie script, granted the scene can work well on its own.

  • Scenes cannot be longer than 5 pages.

  • All written work must be submitted in singled spaced format, Times New Roman, 12-14pt. Font.


For Photography and Artwork


  • We are accepting Photography, Digital Artwork, and Traditional Artwork.

  • ​As part of the Magazine's ethos we blend art and writing. Please be aware that your art may be accompanied with another form of art (Poetry, short story, etc). 

  • ​All images must be submitted in Black and White format.

  • ​We look at quality of your image the most.

  • ​We typically like to have images of at least 1mb in size and in high resolution (300 dpi+).


Having trouble with the Submittable or general questions? Please shoot us an email! vagabondsink@gmail.com

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.