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For more information about Red Ferret Press go to www.red-ferret.com

RFP seeks bold, erotic works. Send us shit we haven't seen before. Don't send us the normal 50 shades rich dude shit. Get real with your work. Red Ferret Press is interested in LGBTQ works, Furry Literature, Kink friendly material.  We're not looking for the romantic beach novels. There's a ton of those on the shelves already. Honestly, we want something that feels real. We want sexual deviancy and desires from the deep dark. Really don't be afraid to push the limits of your work.

 We currently publish:

  • Poetry MicroChapbooks: Up to 24 pages of poetry.
  • Poetry Chapbooks: 25-60 pages of poetry. 
  • Full Poetry Collections: Contains 70+ pages of poetry. 
  • Fiction chapbooks and Novellettes: up to 30K words, no less than 15K words.
  • Novella: 31K to 80K words.
  • Novel: Minimum 81K words. NOTE: Weasel Press generally does not accept works that are over 140K words. 

We're pretty open to most sexual kinks and ideas, so please don't be afraid to send us your work. But there are somethings we just cannot accept. You MUST keep your work legal. Do not send us stories relating to Non-Con or under age characters. That's not cool, yo.

Your query should consist of:

  • A sample of your manuscript.
  • A third-person bio.
  • A query letter with a brief synopsis of your work, the goal of the work, how you intend on promoting your work, an idea of the audience you're presenting to.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.